Celebrate Alan Thicke With His Post-‘Growing Pains’ TV Movies (I Know I Will Be)

When a celebrity who you grew up watching or listening to passes away, it can hit you hard and in a very personal way. Some see it as strange to mourn a person you’ve never met, but others understand that seeing this person on your TV since the beginning of your life makes them a constant in it, and thus, an important part. That equals out to a lot of people that one might eventually have to mourn, but that doesn’t make any of them any easier or less important. One of those people for me is Alan Thicke, who sadly passed away on Tuesday.

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A Millennial Hallmarker: An Introduction

Welcome to Millennial Hallmarker!

Don’t let the title confuse you. Yes, I watch a lot of Hallmark movies and I’ll be writing a lot about them, but I use that term to describe the type of movie I love. A bit confused? Let me explain. With a metaphor, of course…

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