A Millennial Hallmarker: An Introduction

Welcome to Millennial Hallmarker!

Don’t let the title confuse you. Yes, I watch a lot of Hallmark movies and I’ll be writing a lot about them, but I use that term to describe the type of movie I love. A bit confused? Let me explain. With a metaphor, of course…

I’ll say Chapstick to describe what I put on my chapped lips. Yes, I sometimes use actual Chapstick, but I’m really just using that word to describe the product, when in reality I could be using any brand lip balm.

I’m using Hallmark as a one-word description of my favorite genre of movie: the feel-good, romantic, uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, simple-on-every-level movie.

If you’re about to scoff at that, just save it. I saw a post on Reddit asking, “Does anyone who actually likes good movies watch Hallmark movies?” To which I’m asking in response here, Why do people make the assumption that the two must be exclusive of each other?

Moviegoers don’t watch only one genre, they usually enjoy a range of movies, from action to comedy to horror to everything in-between. That’s exactly how it is with Hallmark-esque movies, which I consider just yet another category. Well, more of a subcategory of the romance genre.

I enjoy “good movies,” whatever that might mean to the Reddit user, but I also enjoy simple “feel-good movies.” At different times, at different moments of my day or week or life, I’ll want a different movie that will make me feel a certain way.

Sometimes I might want to feel confused and challenged and I’ll throw on a thriller. Sometimes I’ll want to laugh my ass off and I’ll throw on a comedy. Sometimes I’ll want to feel like I could take on any enemy and I’ll throw on an action. I thoroughly enjoy them all, as most moviegoers do. But even more so, I enjoy them all as a movie-obsessed human.


More often than not, when I can’t decide what to watch, the decision ends up being a Hallmarky flick. Because no matter what else I want to feel, I want to feel good. That’s what these movies do. They aren’t meant to make you reevaluate the world or make you feel in awe of its brilliant cinematography. They’re meant to just make you happy.

Why is that a bad thing? Oh, it’s not? Then why are TV movies put down so much? Why can they not be included in the idea of what a “good movie” is? Of course, I’m simply using this one Reddit posting as an example of the type of thing I often hear when people find out I spend a lot of my time watching these uplifting movies.

How many of them have actually watched a Hallmark movie? Not many. How many understand the concept that not every movie has to have a world-shattering effect? Apparently, also not many.

Perhaps this blog will change even one person’s misconception of who a Hallmarker is and why he/she enjoys watching these movies so much.

If not, maybe it can at least be another place for all of us Hallmarkers (no matter which generation you’re a part of) to talk about something that we enjoy. If that sounds just lovely, then subscribe to this blog and follow along on social (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) for a personal take on news, reviews, interviews and everything in-between.

– A Millennial Hallmarker


14 thoughts on “A Millennial Hallmarker: An Introduction

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