A Love Letter To ‘A Walk To Remember’ On Its 15th Anniversary

It’s been 15 years since A Walk to Remember (January 25, 2002) came out and I’m still just as in love with it as I was back then.

The classic love story of the shy girl (Mandy Moore, as Jamie) helping the popular, bad boy (Shane West, as Landon) in school before the two fall madly in love is the overarching storyline for this film, but it goes so far beyond that. It’s genuine. You can feel the connection between the two leads. You root for them, you cheer for them, and you cry for them when the inevitable twist comes and you realize exactly why Jamie told Landon to promise he wouldn’t fall in love with her.

It’s also funny and witty, and you’re happy that the shy girl is also resilient and strong and confident. She’s confident on stage in the school musical with talent to spare, and also confident and funny when standing up for herself and refuses to be “secret friends” with Landon.

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New TV Movies From All Your Favorite Channels: See The January 2017 Lineup!

New Christmas movies may be down for the count, but fret not because there are sill new TV movies to be seen!

January is the time for all things NEW. It’s a new year, fresh with a lineup of all-new movies on your favorite channels. Stories of love, family and friendship are aplenty this month and Millennial Hallmarker has the deets (straight from the source: the channels themselves!) on everything coming your way.

Scroll down to your favorite channel or take a chance and see all the great content *every* channel is coming out with this month!

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