Review: ‘It Happened One Valentine’s’ Gives The Valentine’s Day Double Gift Of Matchmaking And Music

It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you have romance in your life or not, you can always count on having it on your TV. Lucky for us, after marathoning our favorites, we now have a brand-new romcom to snuggle up with! So, grab a glass of wine, get in your favorite PJs and download MarVista Entertainment’s latest fun flick, It Happened One Valentine’sfor a dose of music and matchmaking.

The Movie:

It Happened One Valentine’s follows ambitious reporter Allie (Teen Wolf and Letter Never Sent’s Haley Webbas she looks to uncover a scandalous story about music icon, and her childhood bestie, Caleb (Big Time Rush‘s James Maslow) and his new singing partner, Carson (Hollywood Heights‘ Brittany Underwood), who just so happens to be another one of Allie’s childhood friends.

But no movie is ever as simple as that. Allie is recruited by Caleb and Carson’s manager,  Vivian (Perfect on Paper‘s Lindsay Hartley) to play matchmaker and set up Caleb and Carson together, to help her get a story and to help them get huge record sales when their EP drops on Valentine’s Day. Everything starts to go off course as Allie re-falls in love with her childhood crush and Carson begins to fall for Allie’s photographer and roommate Matty (Hollywood Heights‘ Tommy Savas).

Love is in the air for these two perfect pairs just in time for Caleb & Carson’s (now-unfittingly named) Anti-Valentine’s Day party. The best part of the party scene, and probably the movie, is the classic moment when the male lead sees the female lead come out all dressed up and he’s just in awe…

After Caleb catches his breath, he and Allie take a few Valentine’s photos together, holding a “Stupid Cupid” sign, giving me major The Princess Diaries flashbacks.


Which is why I was a little bummed when Caleb gets on stage to perform a few minutes later, he doesn’t sing a rendition of Mandy Moore’s track. My sadness quickly dissipates as I listen to the song being sung, which happens to be a lovely James Maslow original.

All of this wonderfulness doesn’t last long, as manager Vivian follows Caleb’s performance with an original of her own, an original revealing of who Allie really is and what she’s really been doing. I mean, we all knew this was coming. This brings with it heartbreak and distrust and downfall for both couples, of course.

Through heartache, Allie writes her article, but in true How To  Lose A Guy in 10 Days fashion, it doesn’t end up being the article we expect ( I mean, I knew, but that’s just because I watch every single movie ever) and the article ends up having nothing to do with Caleb and Carson’s imaginary romance and instead about a charity that they are working with on Valentine’s Day. So cute!

In the end, Allie and Matty go to the event and make up with their respective significant others and all is right in Hollywoodland.

The Stars:

Having only seen Haley Webb as a serial-killing druid in Teen Wolf (haven’t had the probable pleasure of seeing her movie Letter Never Sent, yet), it was quite the change for me to watch her as the lead in a romantic comedy. A good change, nonetheless.

Seeing James Maslow as the lead in a romcom has me wanting him in more movies, possibly Hallmark if they continue with their recruiting of younger stars, but Pixl seems more likely. Although, like Hallmark, MarVista does like to reuse and build up stars (Lexi Giovagnoli All Hallows’ EveAll She WishesAccidentally Engaged – for example). But unlike Lexi, who MarVista is trying to promote from the ground up, James comes with some fandom from his Big Time Rush days. No matter how it happens, the more romcoms with James, the better!

Brittany Underwood is starting to become a sort of staple recently in (Merry KissmasLove on the Vines) in Hallmark-esque movies, usually in the background stories, but she got bumped up a little in this movie, becoming a main/secondary story, as well as getting to use her musical chops. Which is fun for me, as I know her originally from Nickelodeon’s 2012 music-themed series, Hollywood Heights.

Interestingly enough, Brittany’s love interest in It Happened One Valentine’s, Tommy Savas, also happened to be in Hollywood Heights, though the two didn’t really cross paths. Apparently it really is always the one you didn’t notice before that will end up surprising you.

As for Lindsay Hartley, it’s always a joy to see her even if she is playing the scheming Vivian instead of Perfect on Paper‘s romantic Natalie.

The Dialogue:

Best cheesy line?

Allie to Caleb: “There was a story here all along. It was ours.” Aww!

Most savage line?

Allie: “Love sells.”

Caleb: “Sometimes it sells out.” Ouch!

The Music:

Whether I enjoy the actual movie or not is usually irrelevant when it contains music because that usually trumps everything for me. I’ll watch pretty much anything, in general, but if it has music or dancing then I will 100% watch it.

Lucky for us, Brittany and Maslow were fun and had some cute songs, with Maslow actually cowriting two of the tracks, one of which happens to be my favorite song from the movie.

In the middle of the film, Caleb and Allie are together in his guitar room and he starts to play one of the guitars and sings to her his song “You’re The One (That Got Away)” and it’s my favorite in the movie. It was written by James Maslow & Doug Makuta.

Maslow and Makuta’s other track is called “How I Like It” and, well, you’ll like it.

One of the things that made me like the soundtrack even more was the fact that it had a song, “One Last Wish,” by Johnny Pacar, who I love from Make It Or Break It & DCOM Now You See It… So awesome!

Overall, the characters obviously fell in “love” way too fast, were overly heartbroken by the “betrayal,” and forgave each other in what seemed like seconds, but hey. It’s a new romcom, which we don’t get too many of anymore, we like the stars and want more from them, and the music’s fun. All of this equals an easily-streamedMillennial Hallmarker-approved Valentine’s Day movie!

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