A Love Letter To ‘Clockstoppers’ On Its 15th Anniversary

While not exactly a Millennial Hallmarker rom-com in the same vein as the others on this blog, Clockstoppers will always have a special place in my heart. Therefore, I couldn’t let its 15th anniversary go by without a little celebration, a love letter. Well, think of this less as a love letter and more as a loving rewatch of the awesomely-soundtracked 2002 flick about a teenager, Zak (Jesse Bradford), coming into possession of a time-stopping-esque watch.

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New TV Movies From Your Favorite Channels: See The March/April 2017 Lineup!

Spring is mere days away, bringing with it not only rain showers, but Hallmark Channel‘s Spring Fling movies! While the excitement of spring-cleaning our DVRs to make room for all the new flicks we’ll want to watch over and over again is real, we have a few more days of winter to get through. Don’t fret, though, as we have tonight’s premiere of Campfire Kiss to keep us warm in the meantime!

As we’re more than halfway through March and the only TV movie left on the schedule airs tonight, Millennial Hallmarker has combined the lineup with April.  Scroll down to see what great content will be coming out on Hallmark Channel during March and April (MH has all the info – straight from the source)!

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