‘The Outcasts’ Review: Victoria Justice Helps Restore Teen Genre In Hilariously Witty Flick (Plus, 15 Best Quotes!)

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My Millennial Hallmarker love for The Outcasts began three years ago (almost to this day) when news first broke of the film (originally title The Outskirts) and its motley crew of Hollywood’s young, hot, and funny. With the likes of Victorious’ Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia, The Middle‘s Eden Sher, Jessie‘s Peyton List, Awkward‘s Ashley Rickards, Hart of Dixie’s Claudia Lee, and The Bling Ring‘s Katie Chang filling up the movie’s entourage, there wasn’t a single doubt in my mind that the teen flick would be just as perfect as I’d hoped it would be.

Unfortunately, with delays upon delays, it took a lot longer for me to find out that my hypothesis was correct, but The Outcasts is finally here and that’s all that matters. Seriously, the movie is here and it is exactly the kind of teen movie I knew and wished for it to be, so all anger over delays are now forgotten.

The Outskirts tells the hilarious and often-relatable story of two outcasts, Jodi (Victoria Justice) and Mindy (Eden Sher), who’ve decided that they’ve been humiliated one too many times by the school’s head mean girl, Whitney (Claudia Lee), and are determined to do something about it. Say, band together with all the other outcasts at school to overthrow Whitney and her crew, turning the school’s hierarchy on its head while they’re at it. Of course, they couldn’t do any of this without sweet Claire (Katie Chang), outspoken Sugar (Jazmyn Richardson), and uber-rich Virginia (Ashley Rickards). Not everyone fits into one of the two categories, though, as Dave (Avan Jogia) is essentially part of Whitney’s clique, but only as a bystander. Luckily, he quickly realizes where he truly belongs…wherever Jodi is, obviously.

If this movie somehow sounds like every other teen movie out there, then let me break down its importance to you a little more.

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