‘Everything, Everything’ Review: Amandla Stenberg And Nick Robinson Awaken Teen Genre With Sincerity And Sweetness

Whimsical. That’s the number one word I would use to describe Nicola Yoon’s writing in “Everything, Everything,” the book that started it all. Meaning it, whimsical, is the number one characteristic I hoped would shine through on the big screen adaptation. Magically Skillfully, by the director, writer, producers, and the stars it did just that. Everything, Everything was lovely. Just. Lovely.

And that’s, above all else, what I want from my love-infused movies, for them to be lovely. To watch the images move across the screen and not want to lose focus, ever, not even to blink. To hear the words coming from the characters’ mouths and to have the words, the sounds, their meanings permeate through me and make me feel everything (everything). To feel swept up in the love, to feel lovely. Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson made me feel just that.

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In Conversation With… ‘The Art Of Us’ Author Teri Wilson (Hallmark Adaptation Airs Saturday!)

The only thing better than falling in love with a romance novel is getting to fall in love with its film adaptation, too.

This was the case for fans of Teri Wilson‘s novel “Unleashing Mr. Darcy,” when Hallmark turned it into an incredibly romantic and successful film last year.

Now, it seems like lightning’s striking once again. Hallmark Channel has adapted another one of Teri’s novels, “The Art of Us,” about a Boston art professor who convinces an unknown painter to help out with a big art gallery she’s set to curate. The movie airs this Saturday, May 20th, and stars fan-favorites Taylor Cole (My Summer Prince) and Steve Lund (Christmas Incorporated).

If The Art of Us is even half as good as Unleashing Mr. Darcy, then we’re all in for quite the treat. Here’s hoping Teri’s refreshing Rome romance, “Royally Roma,” is up next!

To help get you even more excited about this Hallmark Channel premiere, Millennial Hallmarker interviewed (via email) the very kind and sweet romance author behind it all, Teri Wilson.

Keep reading to find out Teri’s opinions on having novels adapted by Hallmark, thoughts on an Unleashing Mr. Darcy sequel, what it was like meeting Taylor Cole and Steve Lund, and so much more!

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Former ‘SNL’er Chris Kattan Makes Teen Dance Comedy Debut In This ‘Breaking Legs’ Exclusive Clip

Teen movie lovers, rejoice!

Breaking Legs is a newly-released indie dance flick that’s sure to have you signing up for classes at your local dance studio.

Imagine having this great passion, but feeling like everyone and everything’s conspiring against you, trying to keep you from pursuing it. That’s how high school freshman Bloom (Liv Southard) feels when she’s dragged to a new town with her drunk and drowning uncle, Mayn (Mark Marchello, who is also the film’s writer/director). All Bloom wants to do is dance, but she’s already gotten on the bad side of mean girl and head school dancer, Harmony (Alexa Sutherland), due to an instant connection with her boyfriend, Herbie (William Leon).

Harmony dislikes newbie Bloom so much that she wouldn’t accept her onto the school’s dance team, no matter how good she was at tryouts. From there, you’ve got your usual new girl vs. mean girl, vying for a crown with a semi-competition at the end. Luckily, Bloom’s sweet, instrument-playing friend Gracie (Sarah Rochelle) cleans up a space in the woods for her to use to practice for the competition, complete with a tied-up, broken branch as a ballet barre. Such a great, new friend!

Watch the trailer for the new teen dance comedy below before checking out an exclusive clip from the movie, provided by Vision Films!

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New TV Movies From Your Favorite Channels: See The May 2017 Lineup!

April showers bring May… TV moviesHm, that doesn’t sound like the correct saying, but either way, it’s true! If you thought you were gonna have to wait all the way until Hallmark’s June Weddings movie season for some new favorites, then Millennial Hallmarker has some good news – YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT!

We’ve got a few new romance flicks to fall in love with this month, airing on both PixL and Hallmark. So, grab the last of your hot cocoa or pour a fresh glass of wine, and keep reading to find out which soon-to-be classic movies featuring fan-favorite actors you’ll be snuggling up with in May!

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