New TV Movies From Your Favorite Channels: See The May 2017 Lineup!

April showers bring May… TV moviesHm, that doesn’t sound like the correct saying, but either way, it’s true! If you thought you were gonna have to wait all the way until Hallmark’s June Weddings movie season for some new favorites, then Millennial Hallmarker has some good news – YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT!

We’ve got a few new romance flicks to fall in love with this month, airing on both PixL and Hallmark. So, grab the last of your hot cocoa or pour a fresh glass of wine, and keep reading to find out which soon-to-be classic movies featuring fan-favorite actors you’ll be snuggling up with in May!


The second best thing to getting a revival of The O.C. WITH a Marissa resurrection? Mischa Barton in a romance movie! As if that wasn’t enough to have us buying out all the chocolate and wine at our local store, she has to go and have the incredibly handsome and talented Sean Faris as her co-star. PixL continues to keep its silent promise of lining up high-quality, highly-attractive,  highly-loved stars for its movies -and that, my friends, is a May Miracle.

Premieres Saturday, May 6th at 9/8c 
Starring: Mischa Barton (“The O.C.”) and Sean Faris (“Never Back Down”)
Newlyweds Matthew and Rebecca realize their relationship is in trouble when their obsession with technology and social media causes them to lose out on their dream home. After a blackout in the city forces the couple to go without their electronic devices, they have the best night they’ve had together in a while. Determined to get their marriage back on track and bring back the romance, the Joneses decide to go unplugged.


Two new romance movies this month from Hallmark. Both male leads are named Steve. Both female leads are personal favorites. Sara Rue has long been a favorite of mine, not just for movies, but for her TV shows – Popular, Impastor – as well. Taylor Cole has recently become one of my top rom-com stars because her versatile talent and alluring beauty allows her to fit any role and have chemistry with almost any co-star. It’s a good month.

Premieres Saturday, May 20th at 9/8c
Starring: Taylor Cole (“My Summer Prince”) and Steve Lund (“Christmas Incorporated”)
Harper Higgins is determined to land a tenured position at Boston Art College, and she’s counting on curating a big art gallery at the university to do so. But when she loses her showcase artist and can find no one else, she turns to her recently-hired dog walker who, unbeknownst to anyone, is a skilled painter.

Premieres Saturday, May 27th at 9/8c
Starring: Sara Rue (“Impastor”) and Steve Bacic (“A Christmas to Remember”)
When a romance novelist is teamed with a Navy SEAL as research for her book, by a mandate from her publisher, she is less than thrilled and he is more than honest. However, as she works with the SEAL, she has a change of heart and learns to look at her life and writing with a different point of view.

Which new movie are you most excited to see? Share in the comments below!

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