‘Hope Dances’ Her Way Through A Ballet Challenge In This Exclusive Movie Clip

Your quest to find family-friendly content has just gotten a little bit easier, as a new film has just entered the arena from director-writer-producer Andrew Dillon: Hope Dances.

What is The Dove Foundation-approved Hope Dances all about exactly?  Let the movie’s official synopsis explain:

“A multi-talented young girl [Avarose Dillon] has a chance to win the lead role in the Nutcracker Ballet, and must choose between pursuing her mother’s [Sunny Doench] dream of her becoming a prima ballerina and her father’s [Michael Cotter] aspirations of making her a sports champion.”

Many will be able to sympathize with Hope and her struggle to choose between what her parents want and what she actually wants for herself. The film showcases Hope’s journey to making the right decision and what exactly it’ll take to make her dreams come true.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy for the new girl, and that’s no exception in the world of dance, as Hope Douglas comes to learn in this exclusive clip, provided by Vision Films!

You can can watch the full movie as Hope Dances pirouettes onto VOD today!

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