In Conversation With… Lifetime’s ‘I Me Wed’ Screenwriter Julie Sherman Wolfe On Its 10th Anniversary

I now pronounce you: yourself and yourself. You may now kiss yourself. Wait, what??

There are TV movies with just about every storyline, but 10 years ago today, a film about a woman who marries herself was released on Lifetime, I Me Wed, and it was wonderful.

I Me Wed, starring the fiercely talented Erica Durance (Smallville for the win!) and Paul Popowich, is important because unlike most rom-coms, the lead female, Isabelle (Erica Durance), isn’t looking romance with a significant other, only with herself. She’s just looking for others to accept the fact that she loves herself and that that’s enough. She wants others to realize that loving yourself is something worth celebrating, which is why she decides to marry herself. As one does.

All of those reasons are why this film is something to be celebrated, especially today (July 29), its 10th anniversary! It’s time to celebrate Isabelle for showing the world via a rom-com that it’s good to be independent and self-sufficient. It’s good to not just drop her job or goals to find a man (as most of the women of TV rom-coms do, but that’s for another blog post). If love happens, great, if not, then it doesn’t.

Of course, the movie does have an HEA (happily ever after) for all aspects of Isabelle’s life: she marries herself, makes up with her best friend, and even happens to find love with a significant other, Colin (Paul Popowich) along the way. Not because she forced it, but because she let it happen.

To celebrate the movie’s momentous occasion, Millennial Hallmarker caught up with its gifted, brilliant and kind screenwriter Julie Sherman Wolfe (via email) about her inspiration for I Me Wed, her favorite scene, and her thoughts on the cast. Plus, she gives us all the lowdown on her upcoming Hallmark films.

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Here’s What The Cast Of Disney Channel’s ‘Gotta Kick It Up!’ Is Up To Now, 15 Years Later (PHOTOS)

Sí se puede! Sí se puede! Sí se puede!

Happy 15th anniversary, Disney Channel’s Gotta Kick It Up! Let’s celebrate!

The 2002 DCOM was all about female empowerment, friendship, and, well, dancing! Airing on July 26, 2002, the TV movie is now officially 15 years old, but its importance hasn’t wavered a single bit.

Gotta Kick It Up! remains one of the most culturally-aware DCOMs, which is most definitely something worth celebrating. Based on a true story of an executive-turned-teacher who volunteers as the coach of Latina girls on a middle school dance team, the film really had it all.

Not only was the cast (hello, Camille Guaty and America Ferrera!) primarily Latina, which to this day rarely happens, but the characters they played were not merely stereotypical portrayals. There were many variations of the Latina woman, just as there are in everyday life. At the time, it was such a huge step forward for Disney Channel, and TV in general. But let’s be honest, if this movie were made today, it would still be considered a huge step forward.

Unfortunately, not much has changed in the world of Hollywood diversity in the last 15 years, which is why this film remains so important and its anniversary is something that should be greatly celebrated.

Gotta Kick It Up! gave its characters the chance to be shown to the world, but it also gave its actresses the chance to be shown to the world. It helped give these women the platform and the film credit needed to help kick-start their career in the right direction. And, girl, has it!

Keep reading to see what the talented Gotta Kick It Up! actresses are up to now, 15 years later.

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In Conversation With… “The Christmas Cure” Screenwriter Marcy Holland

There’s nothing better than getting to open up a present earlier than expected. That’s exactly what Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July programming event feels like because we get to watch new Christmas films SIX MONTHS before the actualy holiday. It’s the cure to our Christmas withdrawals.

Speaking of cures, one of the doses of Christmas movie medicine we’re recieving is tonight’s (July 15) premiere of The Christmas Cure, written by the fabulous Marcy Holland and starring the talented Brooke Nevin and Steve Beyers.

To get the full scoop on this new Christmas film, Millennial Hallmarker caught up with Marcy (via email) to chat about writing holiday movies, working with Hallmark, and which of her TV movies she’d love to make a sequel to!

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New TV Movies From Your Favorite Channels: See The July 2017 Lineup!

Time to put up those Christmas lights! Listen, I know what you’re thinking, “But Millennial Hallmarker, it’s only July!” While that might be true, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little halfway-to-Christmas celebration, especially since Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is making it a whole lot easier for us with new Christmas-themed movies!

If Christmas films aren’t your favorite, no worries. PixL has your back with the premiere of its new rivals-to-lovers flick Bad Date Chronicleswhich sounds like the literal definition of a rom-com.

So you don’t miss out on a new movie that could easily become a favorite, Millennial Hallmarker has all the details on July’s TV movie premieres for you right here.

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