Here’s What The ‘Bratz’ Girls Are Up To Now, 10 Years Later

Say what you will about the Bratz movie, but the one thing we can all agree on is its ability to put female friendship above all else.
The film takes a risk by introducing four tight-knit characters entering freshman year, letting the audience invest in them only slightly, before flash-forwarding to senior year where the girls are now separated into different cliques, but it works because of its truth. And because, in the end, friendship wins.

While I’m not always the biggest fan of time jumps, I appreciate this use of it because it shows the truth of what happens to many friend groups once they’ve entered high school. People change and grow so much in those four years, which is why it makes sense that friendships change, as well. This real-life aspect of teen life is often left out in films, but not in this one.

Just like in real life, people who were once great friends, even if they’ve moved on to other friendships, will still always care about their early friends and will be there if they are really needed. And this is also shown in Bratz. Sasha (Logan Browning), Jade (Janel Parrish), Yasmin (Nathalia Ramos), and Cloe (Skyler Shaye) needed to find their own way in high school and go after what they wanted, but when it came down to it, they always had each others’ backs and found their way back to each other and their friendship in the end.

What makes me even happier than the fact that these friends rekindled their friendship after four years of high school, is that real life mimicked fiction this time around because the leading ladies who played the main foursome formed the same unbeatable friendships as their characters in the film. They bonded so greatly on set that 10 years since the film premiered they still have beach days, tweet each other, and even have Bratz rewatch parties!

Keep reading to find out what else the Bratz girls have been up to lately!

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In Conversation With… “Gotta Kick It Up!” Screenwriter Nancy De Los Santos Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary

Can we celebrate Gotta Kick It Up! for a second week in a row? Sí se puede!

Last Wednesday (July 26), we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Disney Channel’s Gotta Kick It Up! and today we are doing the same. While last week was the official anniversary, this film is so significant that we are going to continue the celebration.

A film so nice, we’re celebrating it twice!

If you missed the first celebration, here’s the link to last week’s post about why I think it’s so important and the breakdown of what the cast is up to now. Since you’ve already heard from me, I thought it would be a good idea to hear from someone incredibly involved in the project ; its screenwriter, Nancy De Los Santos.

The dancing DCOM, starring the wonderful Camille Guaty and America Ferrera, was based on a true story, which Nancy helped bring to life. Nancy worked with Meghan Cole, whose story this film was based on, to bring these strong, independent, fierce, talented characters to the screen and we can’t thank both of them enough.

We also can’t thank Nancy enough for giving such an in-depth and honest interview about what Gotta Kick It Up! means to her, how it was made, its influence in both Hollywood and society as a whole, and what she hopes people take away from the film.

Keep reading to find out straight from the film’s screenwriter (via email), Nancy De Los Santos, just why Gotta Kick It Up!‘s 15th anniversary is such an powerful event to celebrate.

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New TV Movies From Your Favorite Channels: See The August 2017 Lineup!

🎶Oh, oh, the summerrrr niigghhtsss!🎶

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially when you have FOUR brand new Hallmark Channel flicks coming your way! Yep, you read that right, four new movies are almost here.

While Grease might not be one of them, you’ll still be humming the tune to “Summer Nights” as you watch along with Hallmark’s August programming event of the same name.

This wondrous event marks the return of some of our favorite stars, as well as gives us a few new ones – from other series we all surely love. It also marks the sequel to last year’s hit Autumn in the Vineyard! So, put on a fun sundress, grab some softserve ice cream and check out this breakdown of all the August premieres, that Millennial Hallmarker has kindly put together for you, of course.

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