New TV Movies From Your Favorite Channels: See The August 2017 Lineup!

🎶Oh, oh, the summerrrr niigghhtsss!🎶

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially when you have FOUR brand new Hallmark Channel flicks coming your way! Yep, you read that right, four new movies are almost here.

While Grease might not be one of them, you’ll still be humming the tune to “Summer Nights” as you watch along with Hallmark’s August programming event of the same name.

This wondrous event marks the return of some of our favorite stars, as well as gives us a few new ones – from other series we all surely love. It also marks the sequel to last year’s hit Autumn in the Vineyard! So, put on a fun sundress, grab some softserve ice cream and check out this breakdown of all the August premieres, that Millennial Hallmarker has kindly put together for you, of course.


We all want our summers to be filled with sun, sand, and romance, and, luckily Hallmark Channel knows this all too well. So well in fact that one of their new premieres this month even has that exact same title! Clearly it’s going to be a summer success. Combine that with the sequel to Autumn in the Vineyard with our girl Rachael Leigh Cook and the lovely Brendan Penny, a movie from our Cedar Cove star Andie MacDowell, and the pairing of Hallmark newbies but TV favorites Peter Porte and Amanda Righetti and it is ONE HOT SUMMER on Hallmark Channel!

Premieres Saturday, August 5th at 9/8c
Starring: Amanda Righetti (“The Mentalist”) and Peter Porte (“Baby Daddy”)
Successful and driven single mom Jenna Thompson writes teen novels, and she has only five weeks to deliver the next one to her publisher. So, this year’s annual beach vacation with her kids Nick (Luke Loveless) and Ally (Reagan Shumate), will be a working vacation for Jenna. Upon arrival, the family soon meets their new next-door neighbor, confident, devil-may-care surfer Lucas McKinnon, with whom they will be sharing walls and a patio for the next month. Lucas cranks up his music at night, sleeps late, and allows Tank to run around at will. Jenna bangs away at her novel with little success, often blaming Lucas’ loud volleyball matches and irregular hours for her inability to progress. However, after Lucas finds himself bonding with Nick and Ally, Jenna begins to see a different side of Lucas, and when the two find themselves alone together one evening for dinner, each begins to see the other in a whole new – and attractive – light.

Premieres Saturday, August 12th at 9/8c
Starring: Rachael Leigh Cook (“Autumn in the Vineyard”) and Brendan Penny (“Autumn in the Vineyard”)
In the sequel to Autumn in the Vineyard, Frankie and Nate are now a couple and are gearing up for Summer Fest, the town’s largest event. They can’t wait to reveal their new wine and put the vineyard on the map. But when an issue with the wine puts things in jeopardy, both the relationship and the partnership will be put to the test.

eat play love

Premieres Saturday, August 19th at 9/8c
Starring: Jen Lilley (“A Dash of Love”) and Jason Cermak (“Moonlight in Vermont”)
Veterinarian Dr. Carly Monroe makes it a habit to stop by the local dog shelter as often as possible because she loves dogs and secretly loves the shelter’s owner, Dan. Unfortunately, he has agreed to marry his glamorous TV personality girlfriend and move to the Big Apple. With Dan’s big move looming, his sister decides to take matters into her own hands.

Premieres Saturday, August 20th at 10/9c
Starring: Andie MacDowell (“Cedar Cove”) and Cameron Mathison (“A Christmas to Remember”)
With a case of writer’s block, a children’s author escapes to small town Mitford for a change of scenery. She soon finds the heart and soul of the southern town in a priest as they work together to care for a young boy who’s lost his family. With heartbreak in their pasts, each must find the courage and faith to grab an unexpected chance at true love.

Premieres Saturday, August 26th at 9/8c
Starring: Tricia Helfer (“Lucifer”), Paul Campbell (“Once Upon a Holiday”), and Scott Elrod (“Grey’s Anatomy”)
Kate is a driven publishing exec visiting a summer resort with her boyfriend Eric. There she runs into Shep, an old high school friend and fellow camp counselor, who is now the Activities Director. Shep tries to convince her to take advantage of all the resort has to offer. She reluctantly caves when Eric is pulled away on business. As carefree Shep helps Kate rediscover her fun side; Kate helps Shep to stop hiding from life and realize his own potential. In the end Kate must make a choice.

Which new movie are you most excited to see? Share in the comments below!

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