Lake Bell And Ed Helms Muddle Through Marriage In ‘I Do… Until I Don’t’ Trailer

Lake Bell is back in the director’s chair!

Bell, who previously directed 2013’s fabulous In A World, is returning to the impressive world of doing it all AKA directing, writing, producing, AND acting in her upcoming indie comedyI Do… Until I Don’t.

Featuring not only the very talented Lake Bell, but also Ed Helms, Amber Heard, Wyatt Cenac, Mary Steenburgen, Paul Reiser, Dolly Wells, and Chace Crawford, this is one September movie that should *definitely* be put on your must-see list.

But what is it really all about? Here’s the official film synopsis:

I Do… Until I Don’t is an ensemble comedy following three couples stuck in the web of a jaded filmmaker (Dolly Wells) looking to prove that marriage should be a seven-year contract with an option to renew.

For Alice and Noah (Lake Bell, Ed Helms), more than a hint of boredom is setting in as they approach their first decade together and the prospect of parenthood. Meanwhile, Alice’s funky sister Fanny (Amber Heard) is sure her “open marriage” to Zander (Wyatt Cenac) is the key to their free-spirited happiness. And then there’s Cybil and Harvey (Mary Steenburgen, Paul Reiser), a pair of empty-nesters wondering what the next stage will be.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the multi-couple comedy, check out the trailer below to see how it all comes together!

Noah: “Meet me in the bathroom in five.”

Alice: “I don’t know if I need five minutes to get there, hun.”

For more laughs, be sure to watch I Do… Until I Don’t when it opens in theaters on September 1st!

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‘Bring It On 6’ Is Almost Here, & It’s Going Global

On August 25, 2000, the world was given the gift of the original Bring It On film and everything changed. It was pure fun, sexy, brutal, ridiculous, hardcore, and teen-and-cheer-tastic.

Now, 17 years later, one August 29, 2017, the world is about to receive another present from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Beacon Pictures: Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack, the 6th movie in the franchise.

After seeing the first five films in the series about 50 times each, I’m thrilled to finally be adding another into the mix!

Featuring Degrassi: The Next Generation‘s Cristine ProsperiDance Academy and The FostersJordan RodriguesVikings‘ Sophie Vavasseur, and the one-of-a-kind Vivica A. Fox, the latest Bring It On is set to be yet another worldwide sensation.

What aspect of the cheer world will we be experiencing this time around? Let Universal Pictures’ official summary explain:

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‘Everything, Everything’ Review: Amandla Stenberg And Nick Robinson Awaken Teen Genre With Sincerity And Sweetness

Whimsical. That’s the number one word I would use to describe Nicola Yoon’s writing in “Everything, Everything,” the book that started it all. Meaning it, whimsical, is the number one characteristic I hoped would shine through on the big screen adaptation. Magically Skillfully, by the director, writer, producers, and the stars it did just that. Everything, Everything was lovely. Just. Lovely.

And that’s, above all else, what I want from my love-infused movies, for them to be lovely. To watch the images move across the screen and not want to lose focus, ever, not even to blink. To hear the words coming from the characters’ mouths and to have the words, the sounds, their meanings permeate through me and make me feel everything (everything). To feel swept up in the love, to feel lovely. Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson made me feel just that.

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Former ‘SNL’er Chris Kattan Makes Teen Dance Comedy Debut In This ‘Breaking Legs’ Exclusive Clip

Teen movie lovers, rejoice!

Breaking Legs is a newly-released indie dance flick that’s sure to have you signing up for classes at your local dance studio.

Imagine having this great passion, but feeling like everyone and everything’s conspiring against you, trying to keep you from pursuing it. That’s how high school freshman Bloom (Liv Southard) feels when she’s dragged to a new town with her drunk and drowning uncle, Mayn (Mark Marchello, who is also the film’s writer/director). All Bloom wants to do is dance, but she’s already gotten on the bad side of mean girl and head school dancer, Harmony (Alexa Sutherland), due to an instant connection with her boyfriend, Herbie (William Leon).

Harmony dislikes newbie Bloom so much that she wouldn’t accept her onto the school’s dance team, no matter how good she was at tryouts. From there, you’ve got your usual new girl vs. mean girl, vying for a crown with a semi-competition at the end. Luckily, Bloom’s sweet, instrument-playing friend Gracie (Sarah Rochelle) cleans up a space in the woods for her to use to practice for the competition, complete with a tied-up, broken branch as a ballet barre. Such a great, new friend!

Watch the trailer for the new teen dance comedy below before checking out an exclusive clip from the movie, provided by Vision Films!

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‘The Outcasts’ Review: Victoria Justice Helps Restore Teen Genre In Hilariously Witty Flick (Plus, 15 Best Quotes!)

All Photos: BCDF Pictures

My Millennial Hallmarker love for The Outcasts began three years ago (almost to this day) when news first broke of the film (originally title The Outskirts) and its motley crew of Hollywood’s young, hot, and funny. With the likes of Victorious’ Victoria Justice & Avan Jogia, The Middle‘s Eden Sher, Jessie‘s Peyton List, Awkward‘s Ashley Rickards, Hart of Dixie’s Claudia Lee, and The Bling Ring‘s Katie Chang filling up the movie’s entourage, there wasn’t a single doubt in my mind that the teen flick would be just as perfect as I’d hoped it would be.

Unfortunately, with delays upon delays, it took a lot longer for me to find out that my hypothesis was correct, but The Outcasts is finally here and that’s all that matters. Seriously, the movie is here and it is exactly the kind of teen movie I knew and wished for it to be, so all anger over delays are now forgotten.

The Outskirts tells the hilarious and often-relatable story of two outcasts, Jodi (Victoria Justice) and Mindy (Eden Sher), who’ve decided that they’ve been humiliated one too many times by the school’s head mean girl, Whitney (Claudia Lee), and are determined to do something about it. Say, band together with all the other outcasts at school to overthrow Whitney and her crew, turning the school’s hierarchy on its head while they’re at it. Of course, they couldn’t do any of this without sweet Claire (Katie Chang), outspoken Sugar (Jazmyn Richardson), and uber-rich Virginia (Ashley Rickards). Not everyone fits into one of the two categories, though, as Dave (Avan Jogia) is essentially part of Whitney’s clique, but only as a bystander. Luckily, he quickly realizes where he truly belongs…wherever Jodi is, obviously.

If this movie somehow sounds like every other teen movie out there, then let me break down its importance to you a little more.

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A Love Letter To ‘Clockstoppers’ On Its 15th Anniversary

While not exactly a Millennial Hallmarker rom-com in the same vein as the others on this blog, Clockstoppers will always have a special place in my heart. Therefore, I couldn’t let its 15th anniversary go by without a little celebration, a love letter. Well, think of this less as a love letter and more as a loving rewatch of the awesomely-soundtracked 2002 flick about a teenager, Zak (Jesse Bradford), coming into possession of a time-stopping-esque watch.

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A Love Letter To ‘Crossroads’ On Its 15th Anniversary

Say what you want about singers trying out acting (though if it’s negative, it’s wrong…), but Britney Spears’ 2002 flick Crossroads is a classic and something that should not be missed by any romcom lovers. Not only should it not be missed, but it should be greatly appreciated.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the film’s release and I still have so much love for it every time I watch it. Which is a few times a year. What I love most about this movie is that it has a super sweet romance between Britney’s Lucy and Anson Mount’s Ben, but it also has such a great storyline about female friendship, which we don’t often see in teen romcoms.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet (shame on you, get to it!) or just need a refresher, here’s a quick breakdown.

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Review: ‘It Happened One Valentine’s’ Gives The Valentine’s Day Double Gift Of Matchmaking And Music

It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you have romance in your life or not, you can always count on having it on your TV. Lucky for us, after marathoning our favorites, we now have a brand-new romcom to snuggle up with! So, grab a glass of wine, get in your favorite PJs and download MarVista Entertainment’s latest fun flick, It Happened One Valentine’sfor a dose of music and matchmaking.

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A Love Letter To ‘A Walk To Remember’ On Its 15th Anniversary

It’s been 15 years since A Walk to Remember (January 25, 2002) came out and I’m still just as in love with it as I was back then.

The classic love story of the shy girl (Mandy Moore, as Jamie) helping the popular, bad boy (Shane West, as Landon) in school before the two fall madly in love is the overarching storyline for this film, but it goes so far beyond that. It’s genuine. You can feel the connection between the two leads. You root for them, you cheer for them, and you cry for them when the inevitable twist comes and you realize exactly why Jamie told Landon to promise he wouldn’t fall in love with her.

It’s also funny and witty, and you’re happy that the shy girl is also resilient and strong and confident. She’s confident on stage in the school musical with talent to spare, and also confident and funny when standing up for herself and refuses to be “secret friends” with Landon.

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